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+) Do not edit, create, change when not allowed

+) You can use characters that belong to Veris, if you got his permission for fan-art, animation, comic, story....

+) You can use characters that belong to Yumi for anything you want if you got her permission

+) Do not spam, or get dunked on

+) Do not bring other character to this wiki when not allowed

If you break these one of this rule, you will get blocked

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About the EraseVese


This is a fiction, based on a game called Undertale by Toby Fox. In this fiction, not only revolves around characters coming to Undertale's alternate universe, but there are also many new and much richer characters and regions to diversify our story.

You won't be surprised here because our fiction has works that are popular in the community, don't worry, we have copyrighted them and given them credit.

Eraseverse can have a lot of stories, but it won't canon with other original universes, this is a kind of fanmade, it can only canon with our characters

This is the old wiki

We have a lot of problem because people keep messing our wiki while the owner of wiki is busy and less online

The old wiki will not be used and it will become non-canon

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Owner EraseVerse: LazyyumiChan (Áiofjaohguawi), Veristalkingtothemoon

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